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Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood DecksPremium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

About Us

Who (or What) is Scaledecks.com?


A couple o' guys that like to build model ships that invested in a laser cutter, committed to providing the very best possible product and the very best possible service to our customers.  We're small, and we like it that way.  It allows us to better serve you.

Other decks that you can buy come from large hobby corporations that make all sorts of model accessories for a wide range of kits.  They might offer metal or resin castings, photo-etched brass, replacement plastic parts, and custom decals - for cars, tanks, airplanes, trains, and even model ships, too. And they knock out some wood decks with their industrial laser cutters to complete their offering.  In order to maximize profits, they use the cheapest labor possible, and engineer their decks so that they can be cranked out in a minimum amount of time and with a minimum amount of fuss.  (Some wood decks that you buy aren't even laser cut - you have to "cut along the dotted line" yourself.  Ick!)

That's not us.

We love model cars, tanks, airplanes and trains with the best of 'em.  But we have a passion for ships, and we want your model ships to be awesome when they are complete.  So all of our decks are manufactured one-at-a-time in a multi-step process.  We cut our wood by hand, and inspect every sheet as we do.  We carefully print a plank pattern - in color - on real wood, one sheet at a time, on an inkjet printer.  Then we carefully align the printed blank with or precise laser-cut pattern to allow our decks to drop into place and fit perfectly every time.

We don't offer a comprehensive line of decks for every kit imaginable.  Just a few now, and we'll be adding more as fast as we can.  But every one is the absolutely highest-quality deck that we can possibly produce.  Since they all are made of real wood, every one is unique to give your model an individual personality.  And if at any time you are not absolutely pleased with our product, we'll refund your purchase price.  If you make a mistake and need a replacement, we'll even give you a great discount.

We not only believe in delivering the best possible products, we believe in delivering the best possible service.  Every time.

So if you're looking to build a masterpiece of a model ship, check us out.  We can save you hours in construction time and deliver a final quality that you would be unable to match.  It's just what we do.

If you'd like to learn more about us, explore our site!  And don't forget to check out our current offerings at our eBay and Amazon.com stores, too.  We know you'll be pleased, and thanks for visiting SCALEDECKS.COM!

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If you're a Facebook user, be sure to visit our Facebook page and Like us.  That way you'll get updates as we release new products.  And, it would be great if you post pictures of your builds there, too.  If you provide some photos that we use in the listings for our product, we'd be glad to thank you with a free deck of your choice!  We'll post a comment that we really like your photos, then you just have to let us know what deck you would like to receive for your next build!