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Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood DecksPremium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

High-Detail Decks

Out of the Box? Or Custom Details?


High-Detail Decks

At scledecks.com we know that many of our customers go for a "High Detail" or "HD" project when making their ships.  They start with a plastic kit, and get an extended sheet of etched brass, and then follow the instructions with the brass and start modifying the plastic kit to accomodate the brass details.  Unfortunately, until now, manufacturers have made their wood decks to only fit the kits "out of the box" - which makes them incompatible with etched brass details.

Why are they incompatible?  Because if you cut a wood deck to fit the kit as it is molded, if you scrape all of the crude features off you are left with large holes in the wood deck to accommodate all of those crudely-molded features.  Ugly!

Scaledecks.com to the Rescue!

We now offer some decks with both "BOX" fit and "HD" fit to accommodate both those that want to make the kit "as-is" out of the box, as well as those that are looking to work with brass fittings and other kit extensions.

Consider the 1/350 USS Arizona by Hobby Boss shown at right.  This deck includes the "box fit" cut shown at the left which fits tightly around the molded plastic gun shields.  But what if you wanted to scrape all of those off, and replace them with the finer detail taht you can get with photo etch?  No problem - the deck also comes with a SECOND piece that does NOT have all of those cuts, so you can lay it over the scraped-off features and have a clean foundation for laying all of your intricate brass details.

This completely solves the problem of a modeler having to hack away the features from the kit, and then try to find a way to restore the engraved plank pattern in the plastic.  With a scaledecks.com "HD Fit" deck, problem solved!   Beautiful planking, every time.

Custom Services Available

Not good enough?  Maybe you are building something special - perhaps a ship as it looked at a specific time in her history.  It's pretty easy for us to modify a standard deck and do a one-off without certain cuts.  If that's what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask about it!