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Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood DecksPremium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Gallery Publishing Underway!

We're in the process of assembling the galleries of various scales and ships.  As we add galleries, the blue "VIEW" buttons will appear in each section.

Be sure to check back often.  And, if you have photos that you would like to add to our galleries, just let us know - we'd be glad to share!



1/200 Gallery

Find detailed photos of deck sets and builds for 1/200-ish scale ships.  Models built in 1/200 scale offer incredible possibilities for detail to create incredible realism, and most offerings here include nibbing detail and other deck features.

Offerings include Trumpeter WW2 battleships, the Nichimo Yamato, the 1/225 Glencoe Oregon and 1/232 Revell USS Olympia.


1/350 Pre-WWI Gallery

Find photos here of models that date to pre-World War I in 1/350 Scale, including the Eastern Express Borodino class, the Zvezda Varyag, and the Hobby Boss HMS Lord Nelson.


1/350 WWI Gallery

World War I ships featured clean, uncluttered decks and are great subjects for modeling.  Here you can find great wood decks for kits such as the SMS Konig by ICM/Aoshima, and the SMS Seydlitz by Hobby Boss.


1/350 WWII Gallery

World War II ships are great subjects to model in 1/350 scale, and are offered by many manufacturers.  Here you can find decks for the Tamiya Yamato (old and new molds), the Hobby Boss USS Arizona, the Trumpeter Roma, and more!


1/350 Post-WW2

Although most modern naval vessels use synthetics, you can find some examples that still used real wood planking - such as the refurbished USS Iowa class.


Other Scales

Here we find a collection of products that aren't in the 1/200-ish or 1/350-ish scales.  These include large-scale kits of small ships such as the Glencoe 1/74 WWI Sub Chaser, or small-scale kits of large ships such as the Fujimi 1/500 Yamato.

Sailing Ships


Pure Sail

We offer several decks for pure sailing ships such as the Revell 1/96 USS Constitution, USS United States, and Cutty Sark.  We also have products for the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory and French Le Soleil Royal.

We are excited to announce that we are looking to add more sailing ships soon!!


Sail/Steam Hybrids

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Other Products


Ocean Liners

It's not always about warships!  We offer some really nice decks for the 1/350 RMS Titanic.  We also created the deck for the 1/350 SS Normandie that is offered at oldmodelkits.com.


Uncut Wood Decks

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