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Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Premium Quality Laser Cut Wood DecksPremium Quality Laser Cut Wood Decks

Ocean Liners


Notes on This Collection

The 1/350 RMS Titanic kit has been around for decades, and has gone through several molding improvements as more research is discovered - not to mention the exploration of the actual wreck.  The deck for the 1/350 Titanic is engineered to fit all versions of this kit, and has been our best selling product of all time.

We also did work for the 1/350 SS Normandie offered at oldmodelkits.com, and at the time it was our most detailed deck ever.

We hope to offer additional ocean liners in the future.

Photo Gallery Policies

Scaledecks.com likes to share photos of our products in use so that other modelers can see the potential of using our products in their builds.  We are glad to share photos sent to us (either via e-mail or via links shared with us that direct us to build logs.)